Monday, March 19, 2007


Here's yesterdays jaunt to the lake. 80 degrees with a warm breeze coming off of the lake.

All of the war marches you're reading about in this morning's newspapers? Have you seen one sign that reads:


Or have you read that our government is considering outsourcing the war?

Bushman? Wanna take a little heat off of your butt? Think about outsourcing the war.

It's still the best idea. We're gonna have war in Iraq until Bush is out of office anyway. Why not outsource it to a country that will go in, kick major butt, restore order, revitalize and rebuild Iraq, install a government and then get the hell out.

The hawks might be happy. The peaceniks will be kind of happy. Moms and dads who have sons or daughters in Iraq will be clicking their heels. The Iraqi's will have their country back. Whoever is awarded the Win the War in Iraq by Outsourcing contract will be smiling - they'll have major money in their pockets. Outsourcing the war in Iraq would be good for the global economy.

China would be a good candidate to take over the war. China does not pussy foot around. This country takes the gloves off and plays hardball. China has the resources. They have the manpower. China would take the insurgents to the woodshed.

Second, third, fourth generation Americans don't want to get their hands dirty. We can't stand hard, sweaty physical labor. Farm labor, meat packing (slaughter houses), construction labor (aka ditch digging) and more - those jobs are primarily filled by Third World workers coming from outside of the USA.

Outsourcing the war in Iraq makes for good sense and logic. Look for my Outsource the War! sign at the next peace demonstration.

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