Sunday, March 11, 2007


Songstress Christina Aguilera and her husband reserve Sunday night as Naked Night at their home. According to the article, they run around naked all day. This must make for some interesting outside gardening.

No wonder our family is never invited to the Aguilera's for dinner Sunday nights.

This conjures up all kinds of images.

One of Candace's friends describes her boobs as "raisins on a string". That said and later in this couples life Christina Aguilera and her husband at the Sunday dinner table while she serves dinner: He says, "Ah, your boobs are dragging through my mashed potatoes."

What do raisins on a string look like anyway?

We used to have all kinds of "nights" at our house. Taco Night. Camping out week night. Candle night. Hot tub night. Put the kids up for adoption night. Movie night. Eat out night. And pizza night.

Pizza night is the only night of the nights that have withstood the test of time. Mom used to prepare pizza every Saturday night. Good old out of the box and into the pan Appian Way Pizza mix. I'd eat the left over pizza the next morning as I folded 120 Sunday newspapers for my route. A beer would have been nice to start the day but at age 12 it wasn't in the cards.

Last night was pizza night. Dawn made one. I made one. Candace made a pizza, too. Grilled for 8 minutes at 450 degrees on a large flat pizza stone on the gas barbecue.

It's nice to have traditions. Saturday will always be known as pizza night in our house.

Whatever happened to Naked Night?

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