Monday, March 05, 2007


I'm sitting here waiting for my accountant to call. The Feds want more money.

In addition to what's already been paid, I owe an additional five figures in Federal taxes.

I am definitely not happy.

My accountant had better find a way for me to wiggle out of this one.

Surely she's made a mistake when my return was prepared.

Yesterday I wanted one of Carl Jr's new sandwiches. Buffalo Chicken dipped in Franks Red Hot Sauce.

It doesn't get any better than that.

Paris Hilton eats at Carl's Jr. Whatever she eats must be good for you. On second thought, scratch that comment.

"Are the Buffalo Chicken sandwiches deep fried?", I ask.

"What isn't" was the smirking reply from the burger jockey from behind the counter.

Reluctantly, I settled for a grilled BBQ chicken sandwich thinking that for the first time in my life while making a selection at a fast food restaurant that I made a healthy choice.

At my age you gotta start thinking about what you're putting into your body. How many fast food burgers are left to eat before I need that first by-pass or worse yet, fall over door nail dead from too many visits to Jack in the Box?

Can I get fries with that by-pass?

While I wait for my telephone call I Google nutritional information from Carl's Jr Internet site. Maybe they should label this portal as Lack of Nutrition information.

As I started to browse their nutritional information I'm still thinking a grilled BBQ sandwich instead of a deep fried buffalo chicken sandwich slathered in Frank's Hot Sauce was a good thing.

First glance, buffalo chicken sand: 650 calories. Oh my.

28 grams of fat with 4.5 saturated. Hmmm.

1,890 milligrams of sodium. Is that like drinking sea water?

No eat. I do good.

Let's see, 360 calories for what I had yesterday, the BBQ chicken sandwich. Not bad.

4 grams of fat. 1 gram of saturated fat. Wow! That's really good.

I think, way to go, Bob. Now you're really taking care of yourself by choosing one sandwich over the other.

I keep reading what's on Carl's Jr list of nutritional elements for the menu.

Oops, what's this? 1,154 miligrams of sodium in that BBQ chicken sandwich!!!

Holy macaroni and cheese! Pass the blood pressure medication!!!!!

Note to self: You dumb cluck! Stop eating at fast food restaurants. You'll live longer.

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Shells Bells said...

You're better off licking the salt shaker! As for your taxes that is so great to live in a virtually tax free country! :)

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