Sunday, March 18, 2007


Are you an Eastie or a Westie? On the West coast Spring has truly sprung first. This large yellow flowered bush that flows over the backyard fence is evidence that the seasons have truly changed on the left side of the USA.

This afternoon it's a sunny barefoot 80 degrees/30% humidity day in Cow Town.

It was a lazy St. Patrick's Day. Shopping. Yard work. Visiting the kids. It was Keith's birthday. Dinner at home. Netflix movie: 4 episodes of the first season of 24. High drama. Saturday Night Live. Lights out.

This morning it was a 20 minute drive to a neighboring lake. The "girls" romped, waded in the water, sniffed, peed and pooped to their hearts content. Several sailboats were skimming the lake while fishermen were trying to set their hook on the ever illusive trophy fish. during our 11 in the morning walk I swear there was someone water skiing in the 42 degree lake water. Brrr.

Quite a setting.

The weeds are proliferating around the yard as is the poison oak growing just over the fence. Two gallons of Round Up that I applied should do the deed.

Tonight there will be corned beef and cabbage on the table one day late. I'll down the yearly Guinness. Down a shot of Bushmills. Mother will be crooned by yours truly. It's always When Irish Eyes Are Smiling. It will a day late St. Patrick's Day. The two of us are more than half Irish. An Irish celebration at our house is every day of the week and not just once a year.

I went to Reno a couple of years back with one of the boys. Just the two of us. He came back and told mom that old dad had done drunk him under the table. Indeed, after an afternoon of drinking and gambling the poor lad was carried by old dad to the hotel room by 6:30 p.m. I was out with the crowd and good to go until midnight. Not bad for an old fart Irish man.

As for this son, maybeon the next outing he'll heed the advice of the old man when he says, "Pace yourself laddie, pace yourself".

Grace will be here tomorrow after preschool. At some point I'll ask her if she knows the answer to the riddle: What goes up white and comes down yellow? Do you know?

If you don't, check out the pictures on Tuesday.

Happy Sunday.

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Max said...

Korea's like one big training camp for the Drinking Olympics. Knocked back a 750 of Sake last night with Una, coulda done a second bottle without a blink. Although it's trouble time when these guys start doing boiler makers. I try to avoid that cause that's when the memory goes.

Bob said...

Looks like dad needs to go into training before taking any trip to Korea. Otherwise I be spending most of the visit under the table!

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