Sunday, March 25, 2007


Page 36 in Rolling Stone magazine, the most recent edition - Random Notes. Not this picture picked up off of HFPA but one similar to it of Elton John and David Furnish.

Caption: "Elton John and husband David Furnish."

I don't know if this assignment of roles was theirs or if Rolling Stone came up with it based on the couples recent same sex marriage. The HFPA photo identified David Furnish as being Elton's partner and not his wife.

I've known a lot of gay guys. Been best friends. Shot the shit. Drank a lot of beer. Went places. Slept on the family couch with their lovers while our kids slept in their rooms.

You can say that for a hetero I know the gay community.

For two guys to refer to one as the husband and the other as a wife is beyond stupid. Come on people, guys are going to ge guys, regardless of their sexual orientation! None of the gay guys I know would ever want to be someones bitch and referred to as their wife. None. They're guys!

Granted there are some men in the gay community that want the assignment of role identification in a relationship. Likewise for lesbians. But don't you think that's stepping over the gender line? For eyons husbands have been men and wives have been women. And it's not time to change that tune. Not.

If it is time to change that line of thinking then I'm going to be referred to the wife in this marriage and the wife can now be the husband.

"Hi, my name is Candace and this is my wife Bob."

Sound stupid? Makes as much sense as two people in a same sex marriage calling themselves either a wife or a husband.

There has to be a better tag. Like Dom Pard or Sub Pard for dominant and submissive. You have a better imagination than old Bob. Think of something.

This is not about gay or lesbian bashing. This is about what's right in the world of definitions. Look up wife or husband in the dictionary and see what you get.

It's all about male with female relationships.

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John D said...

In this case, it's husband and husband.

Husband = male spouse

Wife = female spouse

Would you have been happier if Furnish had been described as Elton John's spouse?

Husband and husband.

Max said...

Eh? It's all about "tops" and "bottoms", which is more specifically asking, "who's gonna pitch and who's gonna catch?" FYI, "husbands" pitch.

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