Tuesday, March 20, 2007


What goes up white and comes down yellow?

An egg.

Neither the wife or Grace had the answer yesterday which made for a great demonstration.

One white egg.

Tossed high in the air.

Viola! Yellow egg on the sidewalk.

The photo was taken moment after this most wonderful demonstration. Click on it to catch the expressions on their faces. Real deal.

Grace, with dart rifle in hand (her new favorite toy . . . next stop, BB rifle!), can't believe that Papa had actually smashed an egg on the sidewalk. I think Candace was equally surprised.

Never know what this old dog is going to come up with.

Off to the dentist in a few minutes for the semi-annual visit. Don't you just love someone screwing around with your gums during a process designed to clean teeth? What's up with that?

It rained in Cow Town last night. Wind blew. Crap rattled around on the patio outside the master bedroom. Had to shut the door it was sooooo noisy which made for a crabby wife this morning. "It was too hot to sleep with the door closed", she said. Well, it was too damn noisy to sleep with the door open.

Gotta run. Have someone waiting with a scalpel just itching to get into an open mouth.

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