Friday, March 16, 2007


I arrived home after running several hours worth of errands. Imagine my surprise when the wife said:

She: Okay dear, both girls are here and ready to meet you. But first, kiss me good-bye. I'll be out shopping for a couple of hours while the three of you get acquainted. Don't open any of the guest bedroom doors until I'm out of the driveway.

Me: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

I wait five minutes.

Knock, knock, knock . . . on bedroom number one. No anwer. Three more knocks. Still no answer.

Okay, I think . . . girl in bedroom one is playing coy. Slowly I open the door. . .

Holy macaroni and cheese! Fake!

I run over to bedroom two, throw open the door and FAKE!


The front doorbell rings. It's the neighbors with wife in tow . . . all laughing. All pointing to Old Bob and his new fake friends.

I'll never live this one down.

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Max said...

I'm specchless

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