Thursday, March 08, 2007


Ever see Moo Goo Gai Pan on the menu of a Chinese restaurant?

Ever see chicken with mushrooms on the menu of a Chinese restaurant?

One in the same. You may have been eating Moo Goo Gai Pan all of these years and didn't know it.

Yesterday was Grace's turn to taste this favorite dish. We visited a neighborhood Chinese restaurant which coincidentally is next door to where we workout.

Grace delighted in telling us about what's she's learned about Chinese New Year. We were surprised to hear that our four year old knew more about the Chinese culture that we had thought.

I ordered a combination plate of chow mein and sweet and sour pork. It came with rice, soup, spring rolls and those potato chip kind of things you dip into orange sauce. Yum. Grace and the wife ordered noodle soup for Grace, Moo Goo Gai Pan for Candace and Grace to sample and hot tea. Grace loves tea with her sugar.

During our meal Grace said, "Do you like my manners, papa?" Of course I did. "Who taught you such good manners?" I asked. "Grammy taught me" was her answer.

Grace will be the first one to tell you that you're talking with your mouth full of food. She also reminds unsuspecting guests not to chew with their mouths open.

Grace must be a real hit with her two adolescent brothers.

On the way home Grace quietly said to Grammy, "Papa's old". Ouch. Out of the mouths of babes, as they say.

I wonder if Grace knows what really old is. My definition of really old would be someone who's infirm: Can't walk on their own without a walker or a wheelchair. Can't hardly talk. Those confined to assisted care homes would be my vision of who is really old.

Heck, with the aging of the baby boomers they're saying that 60 is the new 40. If this line of thinking is correct, there are lots of miles left on old Bob.

Both of the dogs are licensed therapy animals and visit children as well as adults who are confined to hospital care. They also visit assisted care facilties bring smiles to the faces of those who have little to smile about.

We'll take Grace next time the dogs are scheduled to visit an assisted care facility. She'll see first hand that her papa is really a "spring chicken" in comparison.

Cluck, cluck!

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Max said...

Chinese New Year?! LOL. That's what Americans call it, or overly-proud-of-their-heritage American Chinese.

It's LUNAR NEW YEAR. The Asian calendar from long ago. The holiday is important in China, but also in the rest of Asia.

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