Saturday, March 10, 2007


Happy What About Bob blog post number 200. And they said this wouldn't last.

Have you called Dell lately? Has there been need to telephone DirectTV?

Contacting Dell or DirectTV usually connects the caller with a representative located in India. India is eager for companies to outsource any work to them normally done in the good old USA.

Companies save money in labor costs. A win/win/lose situation. American corporations and India win. American workers lose.

My 2006 Dodge truck was manufactured in Mexico. But if I buy a Japanese Toyota it's likely to have been manufactured in South Carolina. I am scratching my head in amazement.

The war has put America between Iraq and a hard place. Like manufacturers who fire American workers in favor of outsourcing to another country, the Bush administration definitely has options, too.

Let's outsource the war in Iraq. For real. Surely there's a country willing to take on the job of winning the war, making the peace and stabilizing this country. And for less than the money being piddled away by civilian contractors in Iraq.

Cool idea. Write your Congressman.

Or, let's move the war in Iraq to Death Valley. Everything. Everybody.

Similar conditions. Fighting in Death Valley would be no big deal. You could make all the war noise you wanted and not disturb anyone.

Our troops could have weekends off. Flying to Vegas would be easy.

Let everything ride on number 7. Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

Fighting the Iraqi war on American soil would be good business.

In an election year, surely someone could use one of these ideas as their campaign platform.

In an era when politically correct is everything (anyone who steps outside this boundary checks into rehab to save their ass), none of the clowns who have thrown their hat in the presidential ring have come up with anything better. Doubt that any will.

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