Saturday, July 12, 2008


What's the life expectancy of any blog that you read? Is it a year? Two years? Six months?

There have been more than a few blogger friends lost to cyberspace since I started this thing two years and nearly 700 posts ago.

Last week we lost Sexy Duet (Mr. and Ms. SD). Yesterday it was Fox. Stock City Girl has been missing since May. There's bunch more who have hung up their blogs for whatever reason.

Then there are those who are just not posting regularly like Blessed, Rachel and a few others.

Ms. SD, Blessed, Rachel and a few others were great blog friends when we lost Jilli. Their words, their prayers were well appreciated and helped to ease the pain of our loss.

Maybe it's that people just get bored with writing and writing and writing without any appreciation from the lurkers or friends who frequent the blog.

Then there's who Fox was married for the second time a couple of weeks ago. I suspect his new relationship is a major reason why he's dropped out. He's professed more than once that he spends a lot of time on the computer. It probably boiled down to, "It's me or the blog."

Out of nowhere this notice appeared on what used to be Fox's blog:

"Blog has been removed:
Sorry, the blog at has been removed."

I would have been nice to have a little notice so we could all have said good-bye.

Sometimes you can tell when a blogger friend is about to hang it up: Their posts become more and more infrequent.

I guess that's the nature of things. Now you see them, now you don't. People move on. As for me, I'll keep blogging. Why?

I blog therefore I am.

Happy weekend, blogger buddies.

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twilite said...

Hi Bob! Strange...this question crossed my mind: what is the lifespan of a blog?

Wishing you a jolly good weekend!

Anonymous said...

It truly is a gift to read your blog. Thank you.

Dawn said...

Sometimes I reply - and then have to log in – then it becomes a memory party of trial and error... what was my user name? which password? where's my cheat sheet?

it cant be obvious, written down, next to my computer, in my purse... someone may see, and try to be me. So I crypto - a self-made spy produced from the fear of someone seeing my username/pw and taking over.

In this process - I lose my identity anyway, I cant log in to be self expressed and say a simple... "Hey that was funny. Or "Thanks - that meant alot to me."

We all have our hurdles. This is one of mine.
I have a huge sheet of login/pws - not just for me, but the company and other websites I work on.
"Simplify" and "be smart" is my process.

Just wanted you to know it's not so simple sometimes to blog or comment.

I hope after typing all this I can log in.

P.S. initial attempts failed. will have to research further to post this.

Max said...

Dawn, follow your advice and simplify: just about everybody uses the same one or two passwords everywhere. Pick a password for high-security websites, and one for everything else.

But... You can always click anonymous and sign the post!

Destiny said...

Not all bloggers are gone, you just need to know where to find them.

Happy weekend Bob

evalinn said...

Hey Bob, guess what? I'm back!! :-D I'll be at, I hope I'll see u there soon!

Flyinfox_SATX said...


Sorry pal...Didn't mean to dissappear like that to my true Bloggerfriends. Its just that I seem to collect people that are just all around sphincters. I have had this issue with Blogger before.

So my blog has moved. For right now it is a and it is under very tight security...invitation only.

If you wish to view it you must register with Livejournal. Then fire me off a message, right where you did last time and tell me how you are registered. I will then add you.

Sorry that you have to go through hoops but unfortunately there are people in my life who the law says I can not remove from the gene pool.

You have always been a good bloggerfriend. I could not blame you for being angry with me. This is just one of those things I find irritating about blogging. I will continue to visit you however....


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