Wednesday, July 09, 2008


You've heard the gangsta saying, "I'm gonna drop a dime on that guy."

Here's a new twist on dropping a dime.

Phone rings a few moments ago.

Me: Hello

Wife: I don't want to get you upset but Gracie just swallowed a dime in the grocery store.

Me: Well, that's one way to save money. What did she do that for?

Wife obviously irritated: Because she did....

Me: Oh. Call her mom. The dime has to be barfed up.

Wife: Really?

Me: Really.

I love this kid, our little Gracie. She's like her papa: Learning the hard way becomes a way of life. Bet Gracie never puts money in her mouth again.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

Did we all sit around while she pooped to here that old familiar metallic sound drop?


Max said...

Barfed up? It's a dime, Dad! There's easier ways to convince her not to do that again, like lots of worrying.

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