Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Grace's mom dropped her off as she usually does on her way to work yesterday.

First words out of Gracie's mouth: "I got my ears pierced."

My first reaction was, OMG, here we go with growing up at five years of age. Couldn't she have waited a few years?

For Grace to have her ears pierced is a big thing. She hates needles - cries at the sight of them.

It's funny how attitudes and fashion change from generation to generation. Take pierced ears as starters.

My Mom - many years ago: "Only the gypsies pierce their ears."

If that was true and/or remained true, judging by the number of pierced ears there's one hell of a lot of gypsies in this world. Mom also used to caution my brother and I as we played in the local park. Mom would say, "Watch out for the gypsies. They'll steal both of you and we'll never see you again!" Bring it on, I thought. Life with the gypsies might be very cool and interesting.

Frankly, had the gypsies taken me away that would have been the good news. Life with dear old mother and her second husband were not the best of times.

Now tattoos are becoming more and more prevalent. What used to be reserved for sailors no adorn in abundance male and female bodies. Mom would say, "Tattoos make people look dirty."

Mom gifted me with all kinds of prejudices and preconceived notions. Thank goodness for personal growth and maturity that helped me to overcome the dogma I lived with in the early stages of my life.

Society in the past 50 years has experienced evolution of sorts. It's hard to believe that prior to 1948 interracial marriage was outlawed. In this new century interracial marriages are common. Few give it a second thought. Today an African American is running for President. We've come a long way and there's even more to overcome.

When Grace announced her pierced ears yesterday morning the thought of "OMG, I've got a gypsy grandchild!" ran through my mind . .. and then I patted Grace on the head and said, "You're very brave to have your ears pierced. You look beautiful." Grace beamed and gave me a smile and a hug and said, "Thank you, papa."

Mom's story about gypsies and tattoos will be lost never to be heard by the new generation of our family. Some things are better left unsaid, don't you think?

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Kittie Kate said...

I paid for mine to get pierced at 16.

My 2nd hole I had a friend push through.

My 3rd, I was 25.

twilite said...

Hi Bob. Indeed times have changed...millenial gen will certainly be different from boomers gen! Good day!

Bob said...

Kittie Kate: Life for a tree is measured in rings. Life for a few of us is measured in holes . . . :)

Leas: Thanks!

DNA said...

You will have to ask my mom about her encounters with the gypsies in Romania. She has some great stories!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this post, Bob!

Having a mixed child I am more aware of racism now than when I was growing up. Being a fair skinned, blond haired, blue-eyed little girl racism was ignored in my world because it didn't exist for me. Raising my daughter seeing how some people are completely blind to their reaction of skin color is a real eye opener.

I've had a doctor's office receptionist tell me my daughter couldn't be seen without one of her parents or guardians being present. When I told her I was her Mother. They pulled me and my daughter in a back room and I was informed that people try to cheat doctors offices and insurance companies by pretending to be other people.
I was mortified.
They then proceeded to ask me private information about my daughter DOB, HT, WT, SSN.

We haven't been back to that doctors office since.

Bob said...

DNA: I'll do just that. . . although she's already shared stories with me that are pretty interesting.

Blither: You're welcome. Have you thought of reporting the physician and/or his staff to state licensing? Just a thought.

What most don't realize is that the population of mother earth will one day all be varying shades of brown. True. And for those who don't believe it my guess is that you're also one of those who never thought that gas would be 4 bucks a gallon. As Bobby Dylan says, "The times they are a changing." Get used to it, people. It's never going to be status quo/the same ever again.

Kittie Kate said...


Max Watson said...

Don't shelve grandma's tattoo idea--it's still wise today. Tattoos do make people look dirty! I hate 'em. They're still incredibly rare in Korea as a tattoo is considered to be a surgical practice, which makes tattoo shops illegal. This week at the beach Una was shocked at the people she saw with real tattoos. She couldn't believe that people would do that to their bodies. I'm quite happy that her family imparted that belief in her, as I'd never love a girl with tattoos--for more than a night.

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