Monday, July 21, 2008


It's an early Monday morning in our house. The dogs wanted out at 3:40 a.m., did their business, went back in their crates and for 20 minutes loudly slurped as they cleaned their private parts. More information than you want, eh?

Just as I was settling back to a peaceful slumber the wife starts talking in her sleep. Nuts.

At that point I knew that my night's rest was done, finished, kaput, nada. Why fight it? And I got up and out of bed.

We've dedicated part of the garden to Hen and Chicks - nickname for some species of plant. Regardless of where we live there are always Hens and Chicks somewhere on the property. Rarely, at least in our garden, do they bloom. Here's a shot of this year's bloom on one plant.

Here's Elmer, a new lizard hatchling we found on our lawn curbing last week. He just sat and looked.

We took Elmer to a save haven for the birds who frequent the backyard were sure to gobble him up.

There's been a death of a distant relative. The wife and daughter are flying this week to Minnesota for the services. For 7 days it will be back to dog and child sitting for Bob.

So much for the thought of heading to Reno for Vegas for a couple of days. Those plans will have to be set aside for another time.

The best thing about this Monday is that it's the first day in five weeks we've been able to open the house first thing in the morning and not be overcome by the smoke from the surrounding fires. Cool air quaffing through the house makes up for an interrupted night's sleep.

Monday, Monday everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, wanna know where the smoke headed?! Woke up to the putrid smell at 4:06a.m. Overcast skies belie the fact it's heading for 90+ today. We had our own fire yesterday via 1995 Mitsubishi TV set. That was exciting. Gawd, I'll do anything, huh, for a thrill? Seems another flat screen is in our future.Ah well, it's only money, right? :))8thggf @ 6:10a.m. 7-21-08

Bob said...

Joanie: Some husbands will do anything to get that new big screen LCD television. I got to hand it to Gary: Great idea, bud! FIRE IN THE HOLE!

evalinn said...

Nice! Hope u got some more sleep last night.

Bob said...

Evalinn: Yes, it was a better night's sleep. Thank you!

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