Monday, July 28, 2008


Another favorite blog bit the dust today - Cupajoe. It is now open only to those who have been invited and have the password.

I can understand in this world of freaks and perverts that a blog written by a good looking female and is open to public comment can be a blog that is disgusting.

Then there's privacy issues. Some of us share more about our private lives than we should. Sharing with only a few is probably a good thing.

So Katie, I understand why you've gone private. I will miss your posts and your Wednesday fun with Mr. Sausage (clarification: her dog).


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Anonymous said...

hey bob! you are too too kind. i will definitly invite you to my blog when i get it up and running again!!

and this commenter was personal. someone that knows me. they forfeit the right to view my life after what they wrote to me. i won't tolerate it.

everyone else has been wonderful, including you bob! one of my fave commenters!

i will email you an invite when i get my blog up again.


Bob said...

Yea, Katie! Thanks! I'll look forward to your new blog.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck to Katie.

Bob, if you would let her know I'd like to read her blog as well.

msblitherb @

Thank you Thank You!!

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