Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It was Bob's birthday Saturday. There were gifts. There were birthday cards. There was out to dinner with the kids. There was a gift box from son Max in Korea.

The day started with a gift from Gracie - a set of drill bits for the new Bosch drill that was a gift on Father's Day. You can see that Gracie's lights are just knocked out over the drill bit gift.

Bob just had to take the ribbon off of the box and wrap it around his head ala` hippie style.
Max's box yielded a bunch of cool stuff including a pet vulture.
Max also sent a hat that I can wear to Temple if I were Jewish. There's a spinner that goes on top that was not yet installed when this was taken. That alone would be a hit at Temple. I should become Jewish just so I can wear this hat, don't you think?

You can see that Flirt is truly impressed with my new bonnet.
Zeenie doesn't know what to make of the vulture. She barks. She chases it around the house.

When I want her attention, Mr. Vulture comes out of his cage and flies around the house.

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