Thursday, July 17, 2008


A favorite movie quote from Apocalypse Now. This morning it was, "I love the smell of skunk in the morning. . . ."

We've been plagued with rodents that tunnel around the lawn. They're field mice from the wild lands outside the borders of our home.

Bait is set out to trap the mice. One problem is something has been eating the bait and/or taking the mice out of the traps. We have owls. There are hawks. Both very present where we live.

Our trapper doesn't like the mice to be taken for Roger the Trapper gets paid by the kill. We've decided that birds of prey are not the problem but something with four legs.

Solution: Trap what's been taking the mice out of the traps.

Yesterday Roger sets the trap and says to call if something is trapped then adds, "BTW, don't call tomorrow because I'll be out of town. Put the trap in the shade if something is trapped in it."

6:00 a.m. this morning:

Wife: I'm checking the trap.

She's like a kid Christmas morning thinking something special is waiting for her.

There was. Miss Skunk was waiting.

Long story short: A blanket was tossed over the tag to catch any spray. The door opened on the trap.
And Miss Skunk scampers off for her home along the creek bed just below the backyard fence.

Leaving one of God's creatures to wait in a cage to be "relocated" by Roger a day or more later just didn't seem right.
As Miss Skunk headed towards her little hole under the back fence I swear I heard something or someone say, 'I'LL BE BACK!"

And she probably will.

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Deech! said...

Bob...Yes she will be doubt. Skunks always do..especially if there is the smell of good eats nearby. are live on my journal...Happy reading.

Boo(duh) said...

Oh, I love skunks! They're so adorable. I don't even really mind the smell so much. I'd love to have a descented skunk as a pet some day. ^_^

Max said...

Cute skunk! I didn't know field mice tunneled through lawns--and still don't believe it.

Bob said...

Max: According to Roger the Trapper, the rodents in the lawn are Meadow Boule's. And they're there as evidenced by what was caught in the traps set in the tunnels. Seeing son, is believing. I believe!

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