Thursday, July 10, 2008


Here's Grace at the hospital yesterday having swallowed a dime she had found at the supermarket. She had put in her mouth for safe keeping.

Some may think that swallowing a dime is no big thing like our honorable son Max (per previous post on this subject).

Here's the deal and why we were concerned: An x-ray at the hospital revealed what we had suspected. The dime was lodged in Grace's esophagus.

So, it was barf the dime up, dislodge from the esophagus and if these efforts failed, a trip to U.C. Med Center for a procedure to remove the dime from her esophagus (extraction or force it down and out of the esophagus).

Grace had to eat lots of pudding, drink lots of stuff until she barfed up. Barf Check: No dime.

A second x-ray showed that while barfining failed on one level that it worked on another. The dime had traveled from the esophagus and into Grace's digestive tract. It is just a matter of time until it's pooped out.

Wanna go on a dime hunt? :)

Here's Grace trying to make light of the situation. Actually, the wife told her to smile for the camera.

I've placed a lot of dimes in a snack bowl. When she asks for a snack today I'll put the bowl of dimes in front of her along with a bottle of ketchup and say, "Chow down, kid. It's all yours!".

Grandfathers have to be like that.

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Max said...

Wow... I"m completely surprised.

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