Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here's our two dogs: Zoe and Zeenie. They lead a dog's life and from where I sit, it ain't half bad. In fact, these two are on the gravy train. They could not lead a better life.

You may have said from time to time, "I'm sick as a dog". Me too. What does that mean, sick as a dog? I've seen sick dogs and they do pretty well when they're under the weather.

Anyway, I found this. You may have seen it before. Think about Pack Wisdom in the context of living like a dog. It really is not a bad concept.

Pack Wisdom

Embrace the moment, no matter what.

You're only as big or as small as you believe you are.

Accept Kisses.

If it smells good, roll in it.

Don't postpone happiness by not begging for another treat.

When life gives you dry food, add water to make gravy.

Run with a joyful heart.

Share what you have.

Love and look out for your pack.

Go fetch your biggest dream.

Nuzzle the one you love.

Panting deeply is good for your health.

When you mess up, say you're sorry and shake it off.

Love and let yourself be loved.

Be content where you are.

Play every day.

Remember that every time you touch somebody, you change their world.

Will you remember love?

by James Jacobson

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