Monday, July 07, 2008


The forecast today calls for temperatures reaching 109 degrees (or 42 Celsius).

Tuesday and Wednesday the prediction is 112 (45 C).

We turn into sweat hogs when the temperatures soar in Cow Town. They say don't sweat it. Hmm. Extra deodorant?

I can't even imagine what it will be like on the fire lines. Those poor guys.

The time to be out of doors is early morning. By 6;45 a.m. today I had already trimmed shrubs and cleaned the decorative fountain in the front of the house.

The early bird get the worms and do not sweat.

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Max said...

It's been no hotter that 29C in Seoul, which people here consider hot--and you know that's not hot. But with the added humidity it is rather uncomfortable. The humidity has also made for very "blah" days, haven't seen anything more than a gray sky for over a week.

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