Saturday, September 01, 2007

Cow Town's number one tourist attraction, aside from two lakes nearby that are killer for water sports, is the Sundial Bridge.

The bridge is only for pedestrians and bicycles. It separates one part of the Turtle Bay Park from the other.

We often walk the dogs across the bridge when its not too hot. You see, the the deck of the bridge is glass. A very warm day heats the glass to temperatures that will burn a dogs feet or for any humanoid that ventures onto it barefoot.

On Grace's birthday we always hire a professional photographer to commemorate the occasion. Last year the setting was the Sundial Bridge and Turtle Bay. It's quite the place, very photogenic, just like my family.

I'm not going to ramble this morning. It's early and I've been awake for hours. Why - I ask myself, can't I get an uninterrupted nights sleep without BOING! - wide awake at two or three in the morning?

But I have things to do today. Yard junk and clutter to clean up, make a run to the dump, pull out the 5th wheel to ready it for a September trip and oh yes, I need to stop and smell the flowers. That said:

Life should be like a well composed poem . . . it flows, it connects, it makes sense.

Does your life rhyme?
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Max said...

That's a dramatic photo of the bridge; I like it.

Bob said...

Thanks, Max. Glad you liked something that old dad did.

evalinn said...

I never heard of Cow Town before, but cows are my favorite animals. And I have a thing for bridges (since they connect)...I think I´d like this place!

Bob said...

Thanks for the visit, Evalinn. Cow Town is on I-5 north of Sacramento. Some refer to Cow Town as Redding California. There are others, like myself, that look at this place as Cow Town. I think you get where I'm going with this. ..

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