Monday, September 24, 2007


Last Thursday was Grandparent's Day in Grace's kindergarten class. All of the grandparents were invited.

Before the festivities began I looked around the classroom and said to myself, "Who are these old farts?"

For a moment I thought I was in Florida attending an AARP convention. I caught myself about to say, "Where's the damn Bloody Marys?!"

Here's Grace sitting quietly and looking at the wife, Old Bob, her mother and her mother's mother.

The class sang songs which is what they're doing here.
And then each child recited a nursery rhyme. Grace did Little Bo Peep.
Like most five year old kids (Grace won't be five until November - she's the youngest kid in her class), they pick and wipe their noses like there's no tomorrow.

Here's Grace a pickin' and a wiping'. The wife finally leaned over and passed a tissue to Grace.

When it comes to picking and wiping, isn't that what noses are for?

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twilite said...

What a great teaser you are... you've certainly left some legacy for your charming granddaughter! Happy grandparents' day!!!!

evalinn said...


Bob said...

Lea: Am I a teaser. You definitely have my number. I enjoyed this day.

Evalinn: If you only knew . . .

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