Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! The first attempt to get a rolling start on Wednesday resulted in yours truly attempting to put his shoes on the wrong foot. In a round about way I discovered that no matter how hard you try it won't work.

It was apparent that Wednesday was going to be a right shoe on the left foot kind of day.

Then there's the Internet. A dozen attempts to connect this Wednesday morning yielded zero, nada, zilch.

Okay. Run Spybot. No, that didn't work. Still no connection. Okay, run the virus program. Nope, still no connection. Let's try cleaning up files. Internet connect still a no go. I know, how about a foot through the CPU? Nope, too expensive.

One of the constants in the world of computers: When all else fails initiate a system restore. Bingo. Viola! I'm back in business.

The day is relatively young. Here's hoping a right shoe on the left foot kind of day stops here.

We're shopping for furniture. New stuff goes with any remodel. What used to be okay in the living room has been banished to the family room.

Shopping for furniture is like shopping for a used car: Over zealous sales persons make it impossible to get into the Zen of shopping.

"Can I help you?" "Have you been helped" Crap! 8 times that question was asked by 8 different sales persons. I wanted to say, "For crying out loud, can we just shop in peace and quiet?!"

Okay, everybody has to make a buck in this world. But when you're Bob there's no tolerance for people who get in your face.

"The next time you get in my face - gargle!"

The set that you see here is one of the finalists in our search for new furniture for the living room.

I like this chair. When I get a fat ass I'll have somewhere to plop it.

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EC said...

Hey!!! That's my chair! Seriously, the material might be a *bit* different, but same shape, color, and type of texture. I can tell you that it is super comfy!!

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I can so relate to this post! I am right there with you today. Actually I have two right shoes and it is hurting my left foot.


8thggf said...

Love couches where when you sit, you are not forced to LIFT your arm up in an unnatural position and height to 'rest it' on the arm rest.!! These look good and so does Candace :)))) 8thggfpeckerwood,usa@4:13p.m.

Bob said...

EC: Thanks for the vote of confidence that the right choice was made. Will these chairs do tricks?

Fox: Well, brings to meaning to not being able to walk the walk....

Joanie: She's okay for a girl.

Mind Sprite said...

I'm liking that chair. Always good to have room to "spread out".

Don't you just want to punch those annoying sales people? Or a put a sign that says "Just looking. I'll ask when I need help."

Bob said...

Mind Sprite: I would love to punch them out . . . but . . .

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