Saturday, September 29, 2007


Ahhh, that would be Bob and this is where Bob will be until the end of June 2008 . . . with some time off at home for good behavior on the weekends. . . . right here.

I took the job. The money is better than good. All of the expenses are paid. I'm in the middle of nowhere. But nowhere in this case means you're in the middle of God's country. It does not get any more beautiful (or isolated) than this.

Farming. Ranching. Logging. People of the earth. Real people. Real morals and values. I gotta come up with a name for the middle of nowhere. I also have to be careful of what I say. . . .

HEADLINES: Old Fart Bob Tarred and Feathered After Stupid Response to Trivial Question in Local Saloon

I'll drive here and park the fifth wheel in an RV park tomorrow. Get settled. Report to work Tuesday.

The RV park has Wi Fi via satellite. Computer on satellite will no doubt do the slo-kee pokey. Will I be able to blog and upload pictures? I'm hoping. The next post will be number 400. What better place to celebrate than in the middle of nowhere.

So, what's up with this picture? After the last interview this is what it looked liked heading home to Cow Town on a late Friday afternoon.

Snow in September? Thirty-three degrees at 4:30 p.m.? There it is out the windshield of the truck. Damn that global warming!

Navigating up and then down a steep grade as I left the valley made it necessary to pull the truck into four wheel drive. No sweat.

Thank God, I'm a country boy.

Stay tuned for fun and games in the middle of nowhere.

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Max said...

So.. what happened to the RV park with WiFi via satellite?

Bob said...

Someone stole the freaking relay. And they were too cheap to replace it.

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