Monday, September 10, 2007


Last Friday it was Clifford the Dog day in Grace's kindergarten class.

This is one of those pictures she'll love to hate in her teenage years. I'll show this one to each of her boyfriends and remind Grace that we still have the Clifford ears in the cedar chest in the event she would like to wear them to the next Senior Prom.

In the cedar chest there is stored a stick horse and a paper bag cowboy hat I made in first grade. First grade! Those things are approaching antique status and must be worth something to somebody.

Hello, E-Bay?

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Charlie said...

youve got to love those 'blackmail' pics we take of the wee ones to use in later life. I'm thinking big blown up pics adorning walls for my nephews 18th. oh yes...he better behave til then unless he wants immense embarassment ;)!

twilite said...

Hi Bob. You're a tantalising grandpa!!!

Bob said...

Charlie: That's a great title for the album I'm working on - Grace: You've Been Blackmailed! I like that.

Lea: I try at being someone special for Grace. I'm her only grandfather and have a lot of slack to take up.

evalinn said...

So cute!

Bob said...

Evalinn: Yes, she's a doll.

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