Thursday, September 13, 2007


Last Sunday an old friend and former student stopped by Cow Town on his way to the Lake. That would be Russell.

Russell vacationed all of this week with friends. They "camped" on the lake in an $8,000 a week houseboat. Hot tub. Satellite TV. Air conditioning. Disco dance floor. 2 or 3 master suites - each suite has a name. "My Way or The Highway" suite. "Time to Chain Up" suite. "Are You Feeling Lucky, Punk?" suite.

Big boat for big bucks but lots of "bang" for the buck. . . if you get my drift.

Russell brought his "fishing boat" for the vacation but stopped first to have lunch with the wife and I. I've known Russell since the day he was born. Great kid then. Wonderful "kid" today.

Russell's fishing boat goes well over 75 miles an hour. Have you ever gone that fast on the water? It's like a close encounter of a third kind - almost like an out of body experience. What fun. As a hobby, Russell enters fishing tournaments. He says that it's important to have fast boat in a tournament because it will get you quickly to the best fishing spots. In tournament fishing, time is important.

Check out Russell's boat. 25o horsepower. 800 pounds of engine. One big puppy.

During lunch Russell told a story about the time he was riding in a friends boat. There was a rudder malfunction that caused the boat to turn quickly to the left and tilted at a 45 degree angle as it made that turn. At 70 plus miles an hour both men were tossed out of the boat. Russell and his friend escaped with minor cuts and bruises and lived to tell the story when others would have not been so lucky.

I'll be sticking to sailing.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

Bob, that is an awesome looking boat. Have you had the chance to drive it? I wonder what it feels like to have that much power on the water? Things that make ya go HMMM.


Anonymous said...

I know Russell very well too and I have also known him since he was born. Nice pictures of the two of you! You didn't want to join him on the houseboat? No wonder I haven't heard from him all week. :D
Russell's sister~

Bob said...

Anonymous? Russell said his sister was kidnapped by gypsies many years ago never to be seen again. Wow. How are you?

Bob said...

Fox: Didn't take time to drive the boat. Fast boats are not my cup of tea at this stage in life. Fast women maybe.

twilite said...

Hi Bob! Yep...after that story of being thrown overboard...I'd stick to sailing boat or traditional boat for fishing!

Anonymous said...

From Russell's sister~(not anonymous)
The gypsies took us to Texas and the 'hostage crisis' has just begun.:D BTW, we really enjoy your blog.

Blessed said...

I love being on the water, in the water. Since I know my husband is never gonna move closer to the ocean, I keep asking him to eventually move me near a lake, a pond, a creek, something!
If I get that wish of living near a lake, I gotta have me a boat!

Ahhhhhh dreams are so nice!!!!!!

Bob said...

Russell's Sister: Hostage crises. Let me lock and load my AK47 rifle. I'll be in Texas before you know it. Ever hear the song, All My Ex's are in Texas? That's a favorite. And thanks for your appreciation of what I do here.

BTW: Can I have the next dance? :)

Bob said...

Blessed: My dream house is on the water with a boat docked out the back door. Sailing when I want, whenever I want remains a goal. Maybe it's my water sign that constantly stirs that urge.

Max said...

$8000 a week for a houseboat? You're joking, right? For $8000 you could have a Cambodian family build you a house--and then you'd even get to keep the family.

Bob said...

Max: Your hiatus in S. Korea has removed your American outlook on life. Bigger, better, faster and to hell with the money. That's America for you. The tub they rented likes sleeps 20 people. It's huge. I guess they figure 10 couples into 8K is like 800 bucks for a nice week on the lake. Priceless or so the ads on TV say.

I want to buy the family you talked about. Where do I go to do that?

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