Sunday, September 09, 2007


Me: "There she goes again - Zoe's sliding on her butt around and around the floor. What's that all about."

Wife: "I think her anal gland is plugged up again. Better take her to the Vet."

Oh great, another hundred buck visit to the Vet.

Later in the day.

Wife: " Well, I'm certified. I can cure Zoe when she scoots around the floor on her butt. No more skidmarks! No more hundred dollar Vet visits."

Me: "No more skidmarks? Have you checked my shorts lately?

Wife: "Ha haha, I'm not laughing, Bob. We're talking Zoe here. The Vet taught me how to squeeze her anal gland which will relieve the pressure built up in it from not being emptied."

Me: "Whoa! More information than I need. You're doing what?"

Wife: "First you put on a pair of plastic gloves, bend Zoe over, pinch that anal gland together and VOILA! brown stink comes out."

Me: "Let's do that trick for the relatives at our Thanksgiving table this year. It would beat the hell out of hearing for the fourth year in a row all about Aunt Martha's urinary tract infections. If nothing else, all of the relatives would go elsewhere for Thanksgiving the following year."

Wife: "Now you need to be trained on how to take care of Zoe's problem just in case I'm traveling."

Me: "Ah, that would be a case of 'Hello Vet, I'm coming right over!' Bob does not do butt problems."

And that's why it's fun having dogs.

Rachel? Still want a 5 pound Pom now named The Skidmark Kid?

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Sexy Duet said...

I think I would rather pay the money and let the vet take care of that. I showed a few girls at work a pic of your dogs and they all agreed they are the cutest dogs they have seen.

Thanks for your concern while we were MIA.


Bob said...

I'm with you, Ms. SD. There are lots of things I don't mind doing in this life and squeezing Zoe's anal gland is not one of them.

Glad you're back with us. Bob

Rachel said...


I'll even come get her.


Bob said...

Rachel: Come and get her! :)

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