Sunday, September 30, 2007


Gee, 400 posts on this blog. And they said it wouldn't last.

Saturday night is pizza night. Always. The wife makes hers, I make mine.

Pepperoni. Tomatoes. Mushrooms. Anchovies (yes, anchovies). Mozzarella cheese. Marinara sauce.

And that's why the wife chooses to make her own pizza.

The trailer is packed. I'll be on my way late this morning bound for the middle of nowhere.

During the drive I'll be singing, "On the Road Again" or "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" Take your pick.

Farmtown, here I come!

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twilite said...

Hi Bob! Wow! 400th post! When did you start this blog then? Hope to read and hear more...Yummy pizzas!

twilite said...
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Bob said...

Lea: It was a year in August. It's not Sat. night without pizza.

EC said...

That is great, both on the 400 posts and the move!!

And anchovies?? yuk!

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Congrats on your 400th! May I look as good when I get there.

Save me a looks great!


Sexy Duet said...

Miss you Bob! Hope all is going well :)


Bob said...

Hello Ec, Fox and Ms SD: I'm back. Thanks for staying with me.

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