Saturday, October 13, 2007


I'm living 20 miles west of Cow Puncher Valley. Driving to work every morning brings wide open spaces and sunrises like this.

And yes, I've neglected this blog. No Internet in the RV park like promised. Someone ripped off the WiFi repeater. The park owners didn't think it was worth replacing.

The Internet at work is filtered. Blogger is at the top of their "don't even think of going there" list. So much for fooling with this thing while working.

You're reading a new post because I'm home in Cow Town this weekend.

There's a convenience store down the Cow Puncher Valley highway from where I'm living. This sign sits atop the building. It pretty much sums up what Cow Puncher Valley is all about. Don't you think it's kind of old west? Back in the day there was nothing in this valley except beer, booze and bullets. Some things never change.

Damn, I love this place.
For the past two weeks I lived here. For a while I thought it would be just fine to spend the winter in my trailer.

Then last Saturday night the pipes froze. One more little voice came into my head to whisper, "Time to find a house, Bob. . . there's no spending a freezing winter at 4600 feet in this tin can."

It's going to freeze. It's going to snow. I've found a house to live in.

The house has just been remodeled. I've signed up for Internet. The satellite is already up and working.

The man I've replaced died last Sunday from brain cancer. Of of necessity I'll be here until June or until the trustees find a replacement. Sad story.

The wife visited the RV park a couple of times. She brought the dogs.

Jilli loves to travel. Nothing bothers Jilli. Zoe hates change. New places freaks out Zoe and she: (1) Sits down and refuses to move, or (2) hides in a corner, or (3) heads out in one direction and refuses to stop, look or listen.

Here's Zoe sitting in the middle of the road in the RV park.

Confucius say: small dog equals small brained thinking.

You'll not hear from me until I'm either home again or Internet has been installed in the home away from home.

If you're reading this thanks for hanging in there. There will be lots of stories forthcoming about Cow Puncher Valley.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...


Great hearing from ya. Yeah, I thought you had abandoned the blog but I am glad to see the stories are still coming. Nice pics and yeah, the farther rural you go the more those types of signs prop themselves up.


Max said...

Guess I know what you're doing in your free time!

Rachel said...

Awww, glad you're back!

twilite said...

Hello there Bob! Nice to know your whereabouts and how you are...great pics. See you soon! Best wishes and take care.

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