Tuesday, October 23, 2007


You don't know. You really don't know.

Life in Old California is way different than your life where ever you live.

This is the Old West.

Life here is similar to how life was lived 100 years ago.

And if you think I'm shitting you, come here.

Live the life. You'll find out.

So for all of you gifted idiots out there. Pray tell. What do you think a Cow Cop is?

Okay, I'll call on the idiot up front, middle 40's, wearing his cap on backwards, two earrings, one in each ear, wearing a t-shirt that says Save The Redwoods - Vote for Hillary and Bill Clinton.

So, idiot, what's a cow cop?

Duhhhhhhhh! I dunno.....

Real deal. I saw this plate today. Took a picture of it. Talked to the owner when she asked why I was taking a picture of the tail end of her 1997 Dodge truck.

What's a Cow Cop?

Someone who checks the brands on cows and see if the brands are authentic, "forged" or if the cow has been listed as stolen.

There are cow cops today. Lots of them.

Unlike crimes of like merit, cattle rustling is a felony. 100 years ago, you'd be hanged by your gonads for cattle rusting. Today Cow Cops put violators in jail. Judges in the New Old West hang your finances and not the offender.

I love living in Cow Puncher Valley. Even though the old west has faded, many of the old values still remain. Here, more than a few families own close to or more than 1,000 acres of land. They live the life. They walk the walk of the old west. Got values? Check into Cow Puncher Valley. We got 'em.

You've seen Cops on TV? I want Cow Cops. Mooooo! Stay tuned.

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twilite said...

Hohohoho...you've just made me laugh aloud Bob!

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