Sunday, October 21, 2007


For the next 8 months I'll live here.

Rain. Snow. Sleet.

For the good. The bad and the indifferent. Win, lose or draw. This will be my home.

Picture one. Leaving one valley - where I live and climbing mountains into Cow Puncher Valley. This is the view going up.

Picture two: The view out the backdoor of the little house I live in. Could there be a better view? Who am I kidding? A better view would be sitting at the bar in Hooters.

Picture three: One more view out the backdoor. Yes, there is another view better than this. Some of us boys never grow up.
And then there's the view overhead. The geese or is it the goose's? They be flying somewhere for the winter. I forgot to check if they were flying north or south.

The next best goose can be found in . . . you guessed it, Hooters.

Damn, I love being 14.

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evalinn said...

Nice views! :-)

twilite said...

Hi Bob! Open space! I'd love that for a change but spending days here in winter...???

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Sort of Reminds me of CowHampshire...This is what I used to call it when I lived there. I miss it there now...the leaves have changed.


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