Saturday, September 15, 2007


Last week I ordered two Cd's online. One of them was to take the place of a vinyl LP which just sits in a crate for lack of a turntable: Joan Baez's Diamond and Rust.

If you're a fan, Diamonds and Rust is a must have album.

More than a few Pat Metheny albums grace the shelves of Bob's 1,000 plus CD collection. Last week was the time to add yet another Metheny CD to the collection so added one to the order which was not yet on my shelves.

This week both Cd's arrive. It was a nice surprise for usually it takes more than a week for merchandise to get from there to here. You know what it's like to get from there to here. It's often a chore.

Opened the package . . . okay, there's the Diamond and Rust CD. Next CD . . . what's this? It's a CD covered with all kinds of symbols and pictures - - - no writing whatsoever to identify who did what and what it's title is. Hmmmmm.

Being Bob means you automatically come with the luxury of having a selective memory. When you're of the male species elective memory comes in handy when you're married. If you're reading this and are not married or female, you have no appreciation for what I'm talking about.

But then there are times when Bob's memory just craps out. Blank. Zero. The mother drive is frozen. Brain cramp. And that was the case with the CD with lots of pictures but no writing. At this place in time I have no idea of what I've ordered and what this Cd is with all of the strange markings.

So I go to the files to retrieve the online receipt for the CD transaction. Whoa! It's a Pat Metheny album! Imaginary Day.

What kind of marketing technique is that? Am I missing something here? What if more than a few Cd's came that way? That would pretty much mess up the order of the universe. We'd select Cd's to play and have no freaking idea of what we're doing.

No freaking idea of what we're doing? That's why it's fun being Bob.

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Lolly said...

Oh, Bob. No name on the CD...just a design...That drives me nuts as well! Thanks for saying something LOL

and I love your header quote as well xxx

Bob said...

Thanks, Lolly. The header was taken from American Beauty - the very end of the film. A favorite.

twilite said...

Hi Bob. I'd freak out if this happens to me.

Do you trust to buy online again? So order an item each time then?!

Enjoyed your humor though.

evalinn said...


Sexy Duet said...

From the letters of the code you know from the artists name and album title, have you sat down and tried to work out the rest of the cover? I kinda like the idea of an album that has a puzzle.


Bob said...

Evalinn: Yes, very strange.

Ms SD: You're probably right. If my IQ was a bit higher I could probably figure out what the pictures mean.

Bob said...

Lea: Buying online seems to be fairly safe if you stick with certain companies. As time goes on buying on line seems to make more sense than shopping at the mall.

twilite said...

Hi bob. Thanks for the guidance. For certain things I do go online especially those not available in stores.

Bob said...

Lea: You're welcome.

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