Friday, September 14, 2007


After five months of debate the wife and I finally agreed on a color for the interior of the house.

The photos don't accurately portray the color we picked. I'll have to take more once the painting is complete and the furniture, pictures and other "stuff" is back in place.

Brown walls are a first for us. It's striking. It's bold. It looks so totally nice.

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Blessed said...

Well good for you two for coming to a decision!!!
Did you paint or did you get someone to do it??

Blessing dear Bob!

Bob said...

Hi Lea: I don't windows. I don't do paint (the wife says she's tired of paint being spatted from hell to breakfast so I had to hang up the brush). Our painter, Benny, is the best. I could never make the magic Benny makes with his brush.

Bunny said...

It does look nice!
Only 5 months?

Bob said...

Bunny: Five months was enough for this project that only included the kitchen, the family room, the hallways and the guest bath. Next project - the master bath. That should be fun. Any ideas?

evalinn said...

It does look great. It looks like the color I shose for my previous flat. Now that u reminded me I miss it...

Sexy Duet said...

I like the colour - its not "too brown" if you know what I mean lol.


Bob said...

Evalinn: Glad you like the color. It took a long time to come up with that one.

Ms SD: I know what you mean! LOL.

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