Tuesday, September 18, 2007


If Maxwell isn't a chip off the old block, I don't what is. Near spitting image of his old dad at an earlier age.

Out of our three boys, Max is our Don Juan studmaster.

Like his dad and as you can see, Max has great taste in women.

BTW: The tattoos are fake.

This week we attempted to plan a last minute trip to meet Max and his lady in Thailand. For the two of us it came down to a mere 60,000 of our frequent flier miles plus the expense of flying from Hong Kong (sister to King Kong) to Samai Thailand.

Unfortunately, I had already taken a job as lead consultant in an investigation on behalf of a school district. If the matter the district had presented me with had not been so pressing we'd be off this Sunday for Sumai. Damn!

Max, his lady and the two of us attempted to share a vacation last year . . . at about this time, to Hawaii. That didn't work out either.

Well Max, maybe next time . . .

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Anonymous said...

Good thing you're staying put...
1.8 million evacuated as typhoon nears China
A typhoon expected to be the most powerful storm to hit China in a decade churned toward the densely populated coast with 165 mph wind gusts. The government has evacuated 1.8 million people. The fringes of Typhoon Wipha already are lashing northern Taiwan.

Bob said...

But think of the waves for surfing!! Damn! Another lost opportunity!!!!!

Bunny said...

The boy is adorable! His chick's not bad either.

Bob said...

Bunny: Right on both counts! Cute kids!!

Sexy Duet said...

He definately got his Dad's "good looking" genes!


Bob said...

Ms SD: Keep talking, keep talking . . . :)

Max said...

LOL @ anonymous. That's like saying it's good you didn't go to Los Angeles because of Hurricane Katrina several days before.

Leaving for Samui in a little more than a day. Can't wait.

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