Friday, August 31, 2007


Kelly, our business manager left us last week for new position in the Bay Area that pays in six figures. You go girl!

Here's Kelly at last week's party having a ball with 35 of our employees.
And then there's John at the party - the John who never drinks anything other than water. When John entered the room with a glass of wine everyone "whoo whooed" John. His face turned the color of his wine then John gave everyone a thumbs up and a grin.

It was a great send off for Kelly. She was the financial rock of our district. Damn she was good.
I'm leaving, too. Today is my last day filling in as superintendent. It's been a month on the job. The new superintendent will be on duty the day after Labor Day.

It's been a great month - full of challenges but also a lot of fun. I've loved being back at the helm of the district that means so very much to me. Eight years of my life was spent as their leader. Coming back this month to help out once again was really like coming home.

The picture is of two favorite teachers of mine peeking into my office to say hi (I have more than a few favorites) - Janet on the left and Joan on the right. We tease, play practical jokes and laugh a lot.

Work should be like that but don't tell the taxpayers we're having that much fun. They might want their money back!

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

Kelly is a Babe! And she earns 6 figures? Is she single?


Bob said...

Fox: Kelly is single. She reads this blog often. . .

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