Sunday, August 26, 2007


Here's another picture worth a thousand words.

Grace met Diego last weekend at one of Cow Town's many strip malls.

Grace: "Papa? Diego was like Mr. Clownhead."

Me: "How's that Grace?"

Grace: "I think you are Diego just like you are Mr. Clownhead. I saw Diego's shoes. They were just like yours."

Me: "Now Grace, I'm not Mr. Clownhead and I'm not Diego. Doesn't Diego speak Spanish? I can't speak Spanish."

Grace: "Diego spoke English. He sounded just like you and he had your shoes on. It was you, I just know it."

Me: "Do you want me to be Mr. Clownhead and Diego?"

Grace: "No. I just want you to be you and nothing else."

Like everyone else in our family, it didn't take Grace long to figure out Old Bob's game. She definitely takes after her grandmother.

Note to self: Get Mr. Clownhead out of the closet, wear shoes, pants and shirt that I never wear and do my Mr. Clownhead thing in her kindergarten class. She'll never know it's me . . . or will she?

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