Monday, August 20, 2007


We walked the dogs last week at the Arboretium. As we approached the gates a notice to watch for rattlesnakes took the fun out of what should have been a carefree walk in the park.

There are cities in California that should post any one of these signs at their city limits:

Idiots Live Here. Use Caution.

Or, Stupid Kids With Guns and Knives Live Here. When In Doubt Shoot First and Ask Questions Later.

In spite of the warning we still walked the park and were mindful of every step. The flowers of summer were in full bloom and filled the air with their fragrances.

While I love walking the dogs there are oh so many questions from people we pass.

"They're soooo cute! Are they mother and daughter?"

No, they're both 8 years old and the smallest of the two didn't eat her veggies and smoked cigars until she was 3.

"Ohhhh, what are they?"

They're Mongolian bear cubs who can walk on four legs. They're very rare. If you want to buy one you'll need $25,000.

I just wanted to walk and didn't want to share information about our two Pomeranians
that have haircuts. There are always questions about the dogs. They are cute. They are unusual. And yes, they're a conversation piece.

Note to single men: If you want to meet the babes, get yourself a Pom with a haircut. You won't need the ultimate pickup line - the dogs will speak for you.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

Love the flower pics. They are lovely. I think that signs should be posted for the snakes instead of the humans.


Bob said...

Fox - think about it. When it comes to humans and snakes, which species does the most harm in today's world?

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