Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Hand-in-hand Grace and Candace paid a visit to my office today. Grace is enjoying the fact that I'm the head cheese of the school district, albeit temporary, of where she goes to school.

Here she is with my good friend and associate Kelly. In 2003, having lost a highly experienced business manager I hired Kelly to take her place. One of the best decisions I ever made. Kelly went from a green recruit to someone who's irreplaceable. I know talent when I see talent.

Past my departure in 2005 Kelly has remained with the district and as you can see is smiling and happy. Grace is very happy too as Kelly is handing her every Tom, Dick and Harry candy that she has on hand.

Note to Kelly: Knock off the candy to the grandchild! We had to peel Grace off of her bedroom ceiling later that afternoon. She was soooooooooooooooo hyped on sugar.

I also hired Helen in 1998 to be our accounts payable and receivable clerk. Wonderful person. Great friend of our family. There's no one like our Helen. Mark up one more great hiring decision that I made quite a while ago.

It's nice to leave a legacy in regards to the fine people I've hired.

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Blessed said...

Cute little Gracie!

Good to see you gloat on some wonderful people!

Hope you are having a nice evening.

twilite said...

Hi bob! Great post celebrating some good folks! Certainly your granddaughter have some beautiful memories in future...envious!

Bob said...

Blessed: Thanks - they are wonderful people. Glad you noticed how special they are.

Twilight: The grandchild will not be short on memories. We have a ton of pictures and videos of about everything she's done since birth. All of it will be something I believe she will come to cherish.

Kelly said...

Aahhhh, Bob....Gracie LOVED all that candy! She's so sweet. I will miss watching her grow.

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