Sunday, August 05, 2007


A late Sunday morning stroll around the garden yielded these pictures.

Nature, when consistently observed, seems to be a mystery to me. Who? Why? When? Where? How did nature's beauty come to pass?

In spite of 100 degree temperatures, our roses continue to prosper.

There always seems to be Kumquats on our tree. Several nights ago I picked a handful to stuff inside a Cornish game hen. Citrus with poultry always applied a zing to the taste.
Our red tomatoes are nearing the end of their productivity. Yellow tomatoes planted a month after the reds were put into the soil are just now coming of age. They're delicious.
Until the first frost, basil has a place of prominence in the garden. We use a lot of basil in salads, on pizzas and in various recipes.

It's been a lazy Sunday, a time to reflect and count all of the day-today blessings that go unrecognized.

It's a busy life. There just has to be time to stop and smell the garden . . . and the flowers, too!

Happy Sunday.

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Pauline said...

Thank you for your recent visit. Your pictures are beautiful, fresh from the garden aroma!

Sexy Duet said...

I am so envious - I would love to have fresh produce from my garden but I cant get anything to grow, I even managed to kill a cactus.


twilite said...

Hi bob! I'd love to visit your garden...lovely colors and fragrance.

Blessed said...

I got my first batch of awesome summer home grown tomatoes just yesterday. De-lish!
No, I don't have a garden. I don't have a green thumb. Some friends were very kind and shared.

Bob said...

Pauline: Thanks!

Ms SD: Killing a cactus is a step in the right direction. At least you're trying!

Twilight: Well who knows, maybe someday you'll be out this way.

Blessed: Don't you just love summer tomatoes? Nothing like them.

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