Monday, August 27, 2007

I Only Have Eyes For You

wish I could recapture all of the times I've heard this song and remember where I was, what I was doing when this song played. It all started in 7th grade, slow dancing in the junior high gym with Diane Tillmanshofer. . . the first of many adolescent flames.

That said, TUEDAY MORNING - 3 A.M PDT AN ECLIPSE OF THE MOON. I'LL BE WATCHING, PLAYING THIS SONG. . . AND slow dancing with the best of the best - Candace.


8thggf said...

How was the dance??? Perfect I'm sure. Lucky you :))) I stood out by the pool,3:08a.m. with my 'dance partners' Sparkey and Cookie...Fred Astaire didn't have his dancing shoes on....8thggf/Peckerwood USA @ 8:37am

Anonymous said...

How was the dance? Just like Fred Astaire zzzzzzzzzzzz. :)


8thggf said...

ADELE??GINGER??? Where for art thou!! One should always dance as if no one is looking...there's the joy. :))) oxoxo @ 12:10p.m. 8thggf

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