Friday, August 24, 2007


Actually, where I'm going to be. The Oregon coast within the next couple of weeks if I have my way.

I love it when I can have a view like this - the trailer backed up to the Pacific Ocean with a full view out the back window - just like this which was taken nearly a year ago.
My kind of camping looks like this on the outside. The fifth wheel is a lean, mean, camping machine - if you call this camping.
Me and the dog running down the beach - she chasing a ball every step of the way and bringing it back. I miss that.
Did I mention the sunsets?

Brookings Oregon at it's finest.

I'm thinking I need a break and I'm a gonna take one.


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Rachel said...

I love the Oregon coast and the Brookings area. My grandparents used to live in Medford so I spent several summers picking blackberries and playing in the ocean.

Ahhh, I miss that. Have a great time!

Bob said...

You're right, Rachel, great area to live in and for picking blackberries. I'd leave Cow Town in a heartbeat to live in Brookings. I would.

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