Saturday, August 04, 2007


I've been called. Like the Seven Dwarfs, it's Hi Ho, back to work I go come Monday.

It's temporary and not long term - just until a suitable leader can be found to be the CAO of an 80+ employee school district. It could be days. It could be months until I have another taste of freedom.

I led this school district for eight years. Most will love my return. Others will despise it. You can't win everyone over. That's the nature of leadership.

It will be long days and stressful ones at that. In my two years of absence "messes" were created and they must be cleaned up. Then there's the people to get on track.

I'd like the newly employed CAO to start off with a clean slate and with not a lot to worry about.

Then there's the offer on the table for a ten month stint as CAO for a school district located to the south east of Cow Town. That decision does not have to be made until September. More to think about.

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twilite said...

Hi bob! You sound have a jolly productive week!

Bob said...

Twilight: Yes, I'm actually happy with the thought of working again. I'm too young to be out to pasture.

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