Thursday, August 30, 2007


I'm not certain what it is with me and trucks. I've owned a bunch. But a the ones owned in the last four years have caused problems.

Two brand new Fords - there were engine problems. Oil leaks. Turbo failures. I stopped buying Fords.

Here's the 2006 Dodge bought last year right after the last Ford's turbo blew as we were pulling the trailer up a mountain summit. No power to continue. Barely a place to pull over. Talk about sweating bullets. I had enough of Ford.

The Dodge? Off the get go oil leaks. Today it was a failed navigation system and an outside temperature display that was stuck at 84 degrees. I like 84 degrees myself. It's comfortable. You don't work up a big sweat working outside. I tried to pretend that even though it was 105 outside the truck that it really was 84 degrees. That worked for like one day. I gave it up and called the Dodge dealer.

Today I took the truck in to be repaired. You see, it's under warranty and even piddly things like these need to be repaired. Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch.

After the paperwork was finished with the service manager he asked, "Will you be needing a ride?"

"Oh no, " I said. "My husband is coming to pick me up."

Service Manager: Blink, blink. "Ahh, ohhh, okay, that's good."

Me: "You bet it's good. You should try it sometime."

Service Manager - mouth wide open - says nothing more but I know he's thinking on what to say when he walks in the door of his home this evening and his wife says, "Hi honey, how was work today?"

I walked out of the service department to where Candace was parked waiting for me - my good looking redheaded wife who I love to call my husband just for the hell of it. Someone has to be the bitch in the family and that title suits me just fine.

Hi. My name is Bob. And I'm a bitch. :)

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