Monday, August 20, 2007


Faces in the window usually freak people out. Here's Zoe, fresh from her trek in the wilderness, seeking refuse in Old Bob's house.


Freak you out? Let's try this at midnight. All is calm. The coyotes howl in the moonlit night.

Suddenly, a face in the window! Holy cow and run for the shotgun - it's a 4.5 pound Pomeranian in the window!!

Hello, 9-1-1? I've just sighted a slightly neurotic Pom in my window. She's armed with a large tongue and she's licking me to pieces. I'm fearing for my safety. Please send an officer now!

All this aside - Zoe goes outside. When it's time for Zoe to come inside, she looks in the glass door window of the family room for a familiar face to let her in. Smart dog.

Who couldn't love an dog like this?

Well, someone didn't love a dog like this. True story. Here's the facts:

Born in Canada and flown eight years ago to a Northern California breeder solely for breeding.

Cost to the breeder: $900

Breeding: Flown to and from Canada for stud service unaccompanied and housed in a crate in the cargo area of an aircraft for breeding. Yield: one stillborn pup.

Second breeding: Flown to Canada for stud service again unaccompanied and housed in a crate in the cargo area of an aircraft for breeding. Yield: one pup.

Conclusion by the breeder? Not a good investment, get rid of this dog.

On a tip we contacted the breeder who was willing to cut their losses and give us Zoe for nothing.

That was six years ago.

Zoe came to us with no social skills. To this day if anyone picks up a stick or anything like a stick, raises their voice, makes sudden moves or is a bit too aggressive, Zoe runs for the border. It's very apparent that our dog Zoe was abused.

Zoe has since been trained as a Delta Society service dog who visits assisted care facilities, intensive care units and hospital wards - to bring cheer and light to those who need it the most. She's a love.

Today Zoe herself is loved, well cared for and is the apple of our grandchild's eye.

Why would anyone want to hurt or abuse something like this?

Why would NFL Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick? . . . okay, innocent until proven guilty . . .

But still, why?

If you've never known the unconditional love of a dog, it's time that you did.

You'll never regret the experience. Ever.

Time for you to visit your local "humane society", adopt a pet and see how that special being enhances your life.

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Rachel said...


I absolutely LOVE that dog.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that sweet face.

Bob said...

Rachel: I thought you'd like Zoe. Like Jilli, she's one of a kind.

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