Saturday, August 18, 2007


I'm stupid when it comes to microwave ovens. The first encounter was with and oven owned by my parents and loaned to me while they were out of town on vacation.

It was all about one rainy morning and the morning newspaper that had been delivered without a plastic wrapper on it to keep the paper dry.

I thought, "Let's dry it out in the microwave". Then it was, "Let's run get the fire extinguisher to put out the fire in the microwave!".

Newspapers and microwave ovens are not meant for each other.

Last week the wife was gone somewhere and I fended for myself come dinner time. Steak. Salad. Baked potato.

Microwaving potatoes first requires that you poke holes into the potato to allow the steam to escape from the inside of it. Last week I thought that I did that. I really did.

After about 7 minutes of microwave cooking my potato there was a "boom". Potatoes all over the oven. The picture here is horrible but I wanted you to see the mess I made.

You'd think at this age I'd be mindful when it comes to cooking a potato in the microwave.

Stupid is as stupid does.

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Lolly said...

Exploding potatoes keeps ya on your toes ;)

Bob said...

Lolly: It also makes for a very clean microwave oven! :)

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