Monday, June 08, 2009


Can you save people from themselves? Do you think a notice like this will keep people away from whirling boat propellers? Or keep swimmers in designated areas and away from power boat territory?

Ya think?

You know as well as I that you can't save people from themselves no matter what. Stupid is as stupid does . .. so saith Forest Gump. And that's the truth.

The notice you see here is on the entry gate to where the boat is moored. Each time I pass by and notice it, "Yeah, right!" passes through my mind.

Yesterday Wifey and I hoisted the furling jib and main sail on the boat (not pictured here). They remain on the boat . . . the jib furled, the main neatly folded and tucked away in a sail bag on the boom. With the sails read she's ready to sail at a moments notice. No fuss. No muss.

Grace is with us until about 2 today and then we'll head to the lake for a bit of sailing. We'll have others sail with us once the boat is thoroughly shaken down and we've practiced emergency procedures to pick-up anyone who's fallen overboard. That does happen now and again. Being prepared to quickly pickup an overboard passenger is important. Wouldn't want them to get run over by a boat and lose an arm and leg.

As I drove home from the lake last night there was a lone sailboat on the lake . .. a Hobie Cat. Watching cut through the water reminded me of our first boat, a Hobie Cat. They call it the hot rod of sailing for it comes to hull speed on just small puffs of wind and can out sail anything on the water. It's all about not a lot of weight and lots of sail area.

It's a busy Monday. I have a list of a dozen things to do. Time to get a cracking.

Happy Monday.
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Max said...

We should put up a new poster, "I was run over by Cap'n Bob's sailboat, but I managed to flash him just in time." DON'T FORGET TO FLASH THE SAILBOATS.

Bob said...

Ha. I'll even put up a few bucks to each flasher . . . 10 bucks being the best all the way to one buck being . . . ahem, less than perfect.....

Blessed said...

What a beauty! I so want to go sailing.

Bob said...

Blessed: Come on out. You'll have a great time.

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