Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We care for Gracie every day after school during the school year and all day during the summer. This week her three year old step sister is included in the mix. There's Bible school and both are attending. Following their studies the girls are picked up at noon and are with us until 3 or 4 and sometimes later.

This obligation plays hell with during the week sailing.

It was a 100 degree Cowtown Tuesday. The girls left by 4. Staying home was not an option. Sailing at the lake was. It's a 10 minute drive from the house to where the boat is moored. Wifey and I were on the lake by 4:30.

Even though very warm, boating on the lake took away that aspect of the day. It was just great.

While the first mate took the helm, I trimmed the sails and made minor adjustments in the rigging.

A close look at the depth gauge (lower right) shows we're at 127 feet.

Watching the sails and the windvain on top of the mast and then making adjustments to the tact makes for good sailing.

She's a large boat and very heavy: 6,000 pounds or 3 tons of dead weight. Unlike most other water craft, you don't push or lead this boat around. It either is sailing or it's motoring.

But once the wind kicks up she is light on her toes. Sparkle Plenty can and will sail the pants off any other sailboat on the lake.

We motored back into the berth and had everything secured by nearly 8 that evening. Smiling. Happy. It was a nice conclusion to a wonderful summer day.

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Max said...

Arr, what be that sissy flag flying on the boat named after sparkling treasure?

This be the flag ye should hoist.

Bob said...

That puppy I'm flying is a big one as far as boat flags go .. .30 inches in length. It came with the boat. I really should trade it in.

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