Tuesday, June 09, 2009


It was an iron the bugs out first sail yesterday. Engine problems (fuel line). Rigging problems (topping lift and out haul issues). These areas made for a shortened day of sailing.

Not to worry, we've been there, done this and know this is how the world of sailing works. Persistence is key. Things will get better. Until then it will be just Bob and Wifey to work out the bugs in this boat.

I think the good Lord made sailing the destiny of this marriage. The Lord said, "Things are going too well in this relationship. I want to test its mettle. These two need a sailboat."

Without going into details when you sail, especially in a yet to be tested craft, there are usually an ample share of "holy shit!" episodes. When you hear "holy shit" coming from any type of boat it means two things:

#1 We're in trouble. We both have to react fast.

#2 The Lord is putting the relationship to the test. He's up there watching the latest scenario unfold. If matters worsen he notifies St. Peter there's probably going to be a new customer waiting for him at the Gate.

Ain't love grand?

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

And the skies always look so blue in your pics Bob! The weather always looks so perfect.

Max said...

Maybe it's time to stock the bar on the boat.

Bob said...

Fox: The sky is most always the deepest blue here . . . no pollution.

Max: I'll be drinking to that. There will be a barrel of Pusser Rum on Board. Have you ever checked out their internet page and read their history? Pusser goes wayyy back to the earliest of Watsons.

Max said...

I wonder how it tastes... My favorite rum was this wood aged 10-year-old Cuban that I picked up in Europe.

Bob said...

Max: We'll drink some of that come August.

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