Thursday, June 04, 2009


Last weekend Wifey, Grace and Dawn drove north to spend the weekend sightseeing, hiking and enjoying the beauty of the most northern part of California. Our fifth wheel trailer is parked there which makes for short and easy vacations away from home.

They hiked. They panned for gold. They drove around. From what I understand it was a memorable trip for each of them.

Because "three's company", Bob stayed home with the dogs. Given the alternative that's exactly where I wanted to spend the weekend.

Grace and Wifey at the headwaters of the Sacramento River.

Grace wanted to climb the side of a hill laden with shale. Once at the top she figured out that now it was time to get down. Afraid that a tumble down the steep incline might happen, Gracie started crying, "I can't get down! How can I get down? Come and help me!"

Wifey as Wifey does yelled out, "Girl Up, Gracie. You can do it. Slide down on your fanny and it will be just fine." After some back and forth talk . . . or so the story goes, Grace slides down the hill, dirty fanny and no less for the experience of "what goes up must come down". When you're six there's still a lot to learn about life.

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Blessed said...

Look at those falls.
What an adventure!

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