Sunday, June 07, 2009


I chuckle when Zeenie walks around with a chew stick in her mouth. Depending on the size of the stick, it sometimes appears that she chewing on a stogie.

We're up early. Seems that the physician who lives just up the street allowed his teenage sons have a Saturday night sleep over. Through out the night from their backyard there came intermittent hoots, hollers, screaming which we put up with. The last straw came at 4 this morning when the pack of boys decided to explore, flashlights in hand, the large green space area (and creek) that separates their home from ours. The boys and the noise has mover closer to where we live.


Enough is enough. I am livid. There's no room in my life or neighborhood for those who don't respect the others who live there. I've just been disrespected as have the others who live close to us and there's no putting up with that.

Bob puts on his clothes, grabs a flashlight, walks down the street and up the hill to their backyard swimming pool, gives the boys a major tongue lashing and then walks around to the front to pound on the door to wake up the parents (who never did answer the door). Since it didn't seem the parents were home we called the cops. Teen binge drinking resulting in overdose has happened more than a few times in Cow Town. Calling the cops for the safety of these kids seems like the right thing to do.

It's just after 5 and all is quiet. Might as well stay up, read the paper, drink some coffee and enjoy a very long Sunday.

Later today Wifey and I will be walking over to the neighbors to make certain they understand our point of view when it comes to peace, quiet and cordial neighborhood living.
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Rachel said...

Don't ya hate rude neighbors? The other night a young couple next door was having a fight, he'd locker her out and she was hauling a ladder around (bang, clang) at 3:30 in the morning so break in. Then we had to listen to them yell at each other on the balcony and then her crying.

"Come onnnnnnn!"

Bob said...

Rachel: Time to be assertive, girl. They'll keep doing that until you knock on their door and tell them they're disturbing your peace and quiet. Otherwise these guys will never learn. You know the next steps if this doesn't . .. cops, complain to the landlord, Taser :)

La Roo said...

Did Bob never party as a teenager?

Bob said...

Laroo: I was tolerant from 11 until 4. Come 4 a.m. the last straw was thrown down. When the dogs started barking all due to their noise and commotion that was when enough was enough. Yes, back in the day and even now I partied like it was 1999. But there are limits to anyone's understanding and patience.

Max Watson said...

Too bad Cow Town's got "laws" about firing guns within city limits--they needed a warning shot.

Bob said...

Max: And that thought definitely ran through my mind.

La Roo said...

Yeah, I was kidding. You can put up with only so much, you're right.

Blessed said...

Love the pic!
I have one of my pug, Jake, looks like he should be in one those
pics of the dogs playing poker! LOL

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