Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wifey's Bad Monday

We've all had them. We're still gonna have them. Bad days. Sometimes Mondays seem to be the worst day of the week. Monday is the get it going day after two or three days off.

Wifey had a bad Monday morning. She's up at five to make the first class at the gym. I fake snooze not wanting to rise and shine quite that early. Right before Wifey leaves to go work out:

Wifey: Just leave the mess in the kitchen. There's coffee all over the counter and the floor. I started crying. Know what? I didn't put the basket in the coffee maker and this is what happens! Just leave it and I'll clean it up when I get home.

The rest of Monday for Wifey and I went so-so. Usual stuff. Usual shit that goes wrong still goes wrong no matter what you do to keep it from happening.

After you've been married for as long as we have there's a little something that rings a bell and shouts in your ear, "Time to hubby up!"

That's when I decided to buy several bunches of sunflowers at the market. And here they are.

So today I vacuum the house while Wifey's at the gym. I never do that. Never

Wifey comes home and says:

Wifey: Your vacuuming the house turns me on?

Me: What?!

Wifey: I don't know why but it does.

Me: Oh, that's just great. It takes one hose to get to use another? I should write that book.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

Well Bob, congratulations! Seems you found her soft spot! Here is hoping that both your hoses were satisfied!

Bob said...

Fox: ahhh huh!

La Roo said...

What a guy. I'm impressed. Good job.

Max said...

Maybe it's the ass-less chaps you wear when you do housework, not the vacuuming.

Bob said...

Laroo: Thanks. This comes with a lot of practice and f-ups.

Max: Ha.

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